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From Stuck to Success: A Guide to Overcoming Writing Challenges (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Be Joyful

At Goodwill Media, we want your writing process to be as smooth and joyful as possible. If you are struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We want to help you achieve your writing dreams.

Stay tuned for Ink & Insights part 2! We hope you find this helpful in your endeavors – happy writing!

Read the text from the infographic below:

Hey there aspiring author!

At Goodwill Media Services, we value your success. We understand that the writing process can be difficult, frustrating, and even discouraging at times. That is why we are creating a 3-part series to give you the best tips to help overcome the hurdles of writer’s block and empower you to achieve your goal of completing your manuscript.

  1. Comparison

Feeling frustrated? Is it because you’re comparing yourself to others? Stop right there! Comparison is the thief of joy. Each writer has their own unique journey and voice. Embrace your own path, focus on your progress, and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. Writing should be a joyful process, don’t let comparison steal your joy!

  1. Timeline

Don’t get caught up in a timeline. Remember, your manuscript will be completed when it’s done. Trust in God’s perfect timing. Each word you write brings you closer to the finish line, so stay committed and let your story unfold naturally.

  1. Perfectionism

Let go of perfectionism and don’t make perfection the enemy of good. Writing is a process of continuous improvement. Accept that your manuscript will go through multiple iterations, and that’s perfectly normal. Embrace the messiness and trust that an editor will help you refine and polish your work later.

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