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7 Milestones to Getting Your Book Published in 120 Days, Part 3

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In this article series, we’re providing strategic insight to help you write and publish your own book. As a reminder, here are the milestones you need to consider:

  1. Find your book idea
  2. Organize, structure, and plan your book
  3. Take time to outline your book
  4. Create an effective writing plan
  5. Set a goal
  6. Hire an editor or publishing coach
  7. Consider your publishing options

In part one of our series, we covered how to find your book idea and the importance of planning. In part two, we outlined how to create a book map, an effective writing plan and how to set a writing goal. In our last article below, we cover the remaining milestones.

Milestone #6: Hire an editor or publishing coach

For obvious reasons, someone needs to review your work and correct it. I recently reviewed a published book written by a friend and was dismayed to see several errors in it—in very conspicuous places. That is NOT good advertisement for one’s book.

The categories of editing fall within developmental, substantive, or content editing. Structural editing, copy editing, and line editing are equally important. You may not need all of these, so don’t get scared off.  But you are going to need someone to make your book commercially ready.

If you don’t know where to start or don’t have someone in mind to edit your book, I heartily recommend Great Writing Publications. Great Writing offers a unique service in writing, editing, and proof reading. Great Writing will take your manuscript and shape it into a beautiful book through a well-executed process that assures a high-quality outcome.

Once you’ve made this decision, you’ll want to work with someone who is familiar with your genre and the market you’re going after. If they don’t know those things, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Some of the best advice for authors was written by David Brudnizki, who said: “The more people who love what you write, the better chance that someone will buy it.” This means finding people who will support your work whether they are authors or readers.

Put fuel on the fire

But here’s another compelling reason to hire an editor or publishing coach. You need a coach to keep you accountable. Accountability will bring the best out of you and will keep you on track so that you can become the author you had always hoped to be. Also, an editor or a publishing coach will offer you guidance and assistance that will not only save you time and frustration but suggest ways to make your book the best version of what it can be and make sure it will be something that many people will read. That’s the goal!

I know how hard it is not only to write but also edit and publish books (especially when working full-time). That’s why I recommend hiring someone else who knows what he or she doing—and believes in the content and impact your work will have!

Milestone #7: Consider your publishing options

Finishing the task & getting it published

Okay, so you have a finished manuscript and you’re ready to publish. Now what?

It’s time to choose the right publishing platform for your book. While traditional publishing is an option, there is so much that can be accomplished through self-publishing or, as we call it, Direct-2-Market (D2M) publishing.

What is Direct-2-Market (D2M) publishing?

It is the practice and model by which you, as the author, dispense with the middleman (publishing houses) and go directly to your market. If you know who your target market are, where they buy their books or where they consume their content, then you do not need the middleman. You can enjoy all the proceeds of your sales and retain all your rights.

Furthermore, if you have the ambition to not only become an author but are prepared to be responsible for your book’s release, growth, and the fostering of its sales by sales and marketing, then you can become more than an author. You will become a publisher with all its benefits—status, platform, and prestige—as well as net reach. If your budget allows, all the tools for your success are available to you—the same as those which are present for the largest publishers in the market.

If this intrigues you, then we can help you take one of the most exciting journeys of your career: going from a writer to an author while being transformed into a publisher (we call them “Micro-Publishers”). It will take some stretching, but it will be exhilarating when you see the final product and what your efforts can produce.

Choosing for the right platform for self-publishing

We recommend using Amazon KDP. You can find out all about how it works here.

The process is simple:

  • Open an Amazon KDP account. You will need to have:
    • your final, edited manuscript.
      Although Amazon can accept different file types, we recommend using Kindle Create to convert your final manuscript to Kindle format. It will make for a smooth upload process!   
    • your final cover files.
    • your ISBN number.
      *A separate ISBN is required for each book format type (Kindle, paperback, or hardcover)
    • pricing for your book.
  • Once you have your final Kindle file and book information, all that’s left to do is to upload your book to your Amazon KDP account. It will take about 72 hours for your book to go live.
  • Amazon can also make your book available in paperback or hardcover format. Follow the links for more information.


If you’re looking to write a book, these tips will help you get started.

Remember: 120 days to getting your book published – 90 days or less to your first draft if you follow a writing plan—preferably with accountability.

Are you willing to make the effort? This process can be enjoyable and not at all stressful if you team up with a publishing professional.

I encourage you to try one or two of these milestones out for yourself so you can start on this journey towards becoming an author. Or even take the next step of becoming a publisher. The vista is wider and clear. Where do you believe you are heading? What excites you most about writing and the results? There is no need to artificially cap your dreams. Don’t let false humility or self-limiting beliefs hold you from achieving your aspirations.

While all of this might sound daunting, it shouldn’t be. Let’s talk this through on a free 30-minute consultation. You can bring your questions and we will try to answer them for you. Our delight would be to see you take one or two steps toward the reality of writing something which can be transformative for yourself—as well as others.

Together, we can build your roadmap to become a published author in 120 days!

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