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Your content can have a far bigger reach than ever before.

Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is King”. If you are a ministry, pastor, blogger, radio or TV personality, you have content. And while we both know who the true King is, your content is still deeply  impactful – and it can be reformatted into a number of media products. Video can become audio; audio can become print; print can become audio; and print can become video.

Research was done on how Christians preferred to read their Bibles, i.e. print, electronically and or audibly. The answer; all of the above. “Never dictate to the market, let the market dictate to you” – this has been the motto of marketers for decades. The same is true for any organization that has content. Let the reader or viewer decide on how, where and when they want it.

Whether it’s offline or online, your content can have a far bigger reach than ever before. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation. 

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Experience the GMS difference.

Our turn-key operation with experienced professional publishing team and state-of-the-art technology guarantee that your book, eBook and audio book are delivered into the market within 90 days and the selling process will even begin before your title hits the shelves! And you keep 100% of all sales.

Contact us today for a FREE 30 minute consultation. 

The team that comprises Goodwill Media Services Corp. is responsible for launching the following publishing houses:

  • Gilead Publishing (Christian fiction)
  • Great Writing Publications
  • Goodwill Audio (Christian classic audio books, eBooks, and print)

and has also helped launch the following Publishers:

  • Trust the Word Press
  • Lehigh Ministries Publishing
  • Shepherd’s Fire Media

Serving the Christian Publishing Industry Since 2003

Our team which has over 125 years of combined publishing experience will work with you to determine the best way to tell your story. Whether it be print, digital, audio or video—

Let’s innovate together. 

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